Day 397 – Thankful for Writer’s Block – Part 2

Days like today just leave me smiling. They are the days that remind me of why I write this blog. When I started this a couple of years back one of the biggest reasons was because I wasn’t grateful for all of the awesomeness in my life. Today I kept looking for the awesomeness to blog about and I found so much that my brain pretty much short circuited!

Really, I’ve been watching out all day for what I am going to blog about. As I notice something I pause, smile, and immediately start writing a blog in my head. Just as I’m getting started with that, my brain leap frogs to something else and the process starts anew. Once that gets rolling I notice something else that I’m thankful for and I move on to that. While this may sound tiring, my smile grows wider and wider every single time. How fortunate am I to have so many blessings in my life???

The only downside to this is that my brain feels like a cork board with notes, memos, and pictures pinned up everywhere. A chaotic mix of seemingly random sparks of inspiration. I’ve even started doing the FBI tv show thing and run string from one pin to another hoping to find a common thread, the blog’s topic. As I take time reflect and step back my mind is overwhelmed by the massive amount of data covering the board. I can see myself sitting back in a chair, feet up on my desk, arms behind my head, shaking my head while staring at the board, smiling, and then laughing to myself as I realize the impossibility of what I want to accomplish.

Some of the memos posted on the board are:

  • Great weekend with the guys creating a time we’ll never forget
  • Looking forward to meeting up with one of my other best friends next weekend
  • Becky being okay with me getting some guy time in
  • A note from a past high school teacher that left me smiling and brought back warm memories
  • Surprising Becky by cleaning the boat and getting it ready
  • Making the time to work on the workshop for a little bit
  • Tacos for lunch
  • Going for an afternoon run with Becky
  • The boys being responsible enough for them to be left home alone once in a while
  • Random memories of another high school teacher who was a huge influence on me and the trajectory of my career
  • Getting my planning for the next week of work
  • Going to a delicious meal with Becky’s coworkers, hosted by an amazing cook!
  • Spending time with people I don’t often spend time with and finding many similarities and having excellent conversation
  • Vacations – Becky and I both enjoying them, focusing on them, and living our life around them
  • And many, many others…
    • While I tried to write about each of these individually, I started to miss the big picture. There wasn’t one of them to be thankful for, it is the overloading of so many things to be thankful for that needed to be the main point tonight.

      So that helped with the blog, but I was stumped on what picture to use… do I choose on of the things I’m thankful for, a pic from today, one online that fits the theme??? Interestingly enough, I changed the wallpaper on my phone today and when I looked at my phone to start typing, it just felt right to use it. Enjoy!


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