The past three days have been an absolute blur of non-stop activity.  Our offices made an investment in signing a contract with an wonderful author and thought leader to bring her to our area to help our clients become even better.  Marlene Chism is the expert in stopping workplace drama and helps businesses in many ways ranging from executive coaching to supervisory training and consulting.  Her two books are great reads for anyone in the business or supervisory world – Stop Workplace Drama and No Drama Leadership.


While the above maybe sounds a little too business-ish, here’s the scoop…  Marlene is an incredible thought leader who has, more than a few times, led me to new insights that I’d missed – both about myself and leadership in general.  She and I immediately built a strong rapport, and in her I had found a kindred spirit who quickly understood me and was able to relate her similar past experiences to me.  As we’ve built our business relationship we’ve also developed a strong personal friendship.  She’s quickly become a coach, a mentor, and a friend, and prior to this week we’d only met once in person.

Over the past three days we’ve had three client forums to help both supervisors and executive leaders look at ways to stop workplace drama and be better leaders.  I’ve had the pleasure of driving and attending each of these events with Marlene and her assistant Heather.

In that time together I’ve been able to see so many sides of Marlene and pick her brain on many ideas I have and challenges I’m facing.  I’ve been able to have that “Wizard of Oz – look behind the curtain” type of tour with her, seeing how she reacts in speaking situations and hearing the origins and bigger picture of her concepts.  It’s been helpful to hear the message, hear the story and thought behind it, hear it again, and then have her right there to answer questions for me.  It’s kind of like listening to a book on and then immediately speed dialing the author to pick their brain!


I can’t even begin to express just how much I’ve learned from her over the past three days.  While it’s led to having to put in extra hours to stay caught up with other work responsibilities, it has definitely been well worth the time.

Marlene, I can’t begin to express just how grateful I am for the experience of working with you over the past three days.  Our time together will lead to lasting positive impacts on me, my teams, and my clients.  Thank you so much for the time and knowledge!


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