Day 346 – Thankful for Reminders of Why I Blog

While running this morning I paused and was thankful for running in the moonlight.  There’s something so peaceful, calming, and a little magical about running in the silver beams of light.  As I paused my thoughts for a moment I started mentally writing my blog for today about running in the moonlight.

On my ride to Eau Claire this morning I paused for a few minutes as I passed through Arcadia.  As I came went up the hill into town I realized that the fog and rising sun were going to be in just about the right place for me to get an epic picture of a view that I am always thankful for as I drive by.  I pulled into the scenic turnout and was already writing my blog about being happy for stopping.  It didn’t quite work out, the shot wasn’t quite what I was looking for, but I was thankful for pausing nonetheless…  and I mentally started writing today’s blog.


Passing through Eleva I looked off to my left and enjoyed the view of the pond as I drove past.  I took the picture above once when the timing was perfect and blogged about it last year (see the post here).  This picture always makes me think of my dad, this was one of his favorite pictures that I’d taken.  He loved the way the poles looked like crosses and the serenity of the lake.  As I passed by the view was not even close to the one above, and I realized how thankful I was to have caught it at the perfect time once before.  For at least the third time in a handful of hours I started re-writing my blog in my head for the day.

Several things happened through the work day that also queued up more blog posts.  They included sharing stories of children, getting in the zone on a client project, seeing the newborn daughter of a team member, spending time with great people, having direct and open conversations with clients, an email of appreciation for by blog from another friend, and figuring out new solutions.  So many times my head started churning thinking about how I would capture each of those things I was grateful for.

The ride home got long and I felt a little bummed.  Something about driving on a grey day just got me down a little.  Right on cue, my mom called and we had fun talking the rest of the ride home.  I was thankful for having time on the phone with her and was starting to write that blog too.

At home I got frustrated with a website I was trying to order some Scouting stuff off of and both Becky and Dominic heard my frustration.  At almost the same time they both reminded me that the little amount of extra expense was not worth the frustration that I was having – take a deep breath and relax.  I was thankful for Becky being there to walk me off the ledge and I was thankful for Dominic having that level of insight.  In my head the gears were turning for possibly two different blogs.

After the Cub Scout meeting my friend Toby shared some thoughts about my blog, losing his dad, and a few other things that had me beaming.  I was thankful for his enjoyment of this blog, his understanding and sharing of stories of talking with his dad, the way he shared some of his feelings, and the way he listened.  In that moment I had the chills and was reminded of why I blog.  There were two different blogs going through my head and I was mentally writing both.

Throw in a few other conversations with friends and co-workers and there were a plethora of subjects for today’s blog.

As I sat down on the couch to type tonight I was stuck for a minute.  It wasn’t the best of days, it wasn’t bad either, but it was a day that I didn’t quite feel up the whole time like normal.  Maybe it was the drive getting to me.  Maybe it was the claustrophobia I feel when I put together a schedule and fill up my calendar like I did yesterday.  Maybe I just had a “meh” kind of day.  Regardless, I sat for a minute and just thought about what I would be thankful for…

Then one of the memories I wrote about above came in…  followed by another… followed by another…  before long I knew my path for today.  As I typed a paragraph I paused and added a paragraph, remembering something I’d almost forgotten.  Before long, I realized this was one of the longer blogs that I’d written in a while…  And I ‘m smiling like a damn fool now.  So much to be thankful for today!!!  How did I ever think it was a blah day?  Had I not paused and thought about it, looking for what I was thankful for, I might have totally missed it and just went to bed.

And that’s what I’m thankful for today.  This is why I blog daily.  It’s so easy to get lost in the humdrum of daily life that I miss out on all the awesomeness around me.  I was watching for things to be thankful for, seeking them out, appreciating them in the moment, all because I knew I would do this at the end of the day.  Today was littered with reminders of why I blog, and I am so thankful for each of them.  My life is better and I am happier and more joyful because I paused to enjoy these moments and spent time thinking about them today.  I could’ve gone to bed thinking today was kind of crap, but now I’m smiling and glad that I was granted another day of wandering the earth.

Thank you to everyone who helped make this an amazing day!  I appreciate each of you and the thinks you did to brighten it up for today.  Thank you!



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