There are some days in which the idea for what I am thankful for is pretty much spoon fed to me. Today is definitely one of those days. Gavin! turns 9 today and he was the first person I talked with this morning, FaceTime actually, which was even more fitting! Even before 7am he was wired, ready to go, and most importantly, smiling and in a great mood!

Interestingly enough, his birthday coincided with the eclipse, a fact you already knew in advance if you’ve spent anytime with him in the past year. Today he got one more birthday present from Grandpa Pete, who must’ve called in a few favors to The Big Guy Upstairs. Yesterday the forecast showed clouds and possibly storms, yet today the clouds held off until the eclipse had happened.

A while back I blogged about how his name should’ve been Gavin! with the exclamation point – that’s just so much more fitting for his personality. Nine years ago today he came in like a ball of fire, and he’s still burning strong. The kid is an Energizer bunny full of happiness and a love of life that is rivaled by few.  As opposed to writing that, here are a bunch of photos of Gavin! in all of his Gavin!-ness!

Thanks for being awesome Bud, you’re an inspiration to your mom and I!  Happy birthday!!!  Love you dude!




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