Day 251 – Thankful for Dominic’s Team Manager (Becky)


I’ve got to hand it to Dominic’s team manager, she did a pretty amazing job!  Maybe I’m a little biased, but Becky is pretty awesome!

On our way to the games, at the games, and in between the games I heard many people bragging up what an awesome job she did this season.  The games were scheduled fantastically, only one time did we have to travel for one game.  She busted her butt to re-schedule games in multiples to keep kids, parents, and coaches happy.  Over the course of this past season she successfully managed the change from one head coach to another (with a couple of temporary coaches in between).  Her organizational skills were top notch, everything went very smooth.  When questions were asked she helped out and got answers without hesitation.  She was always willing to take the time to give some parents (mainly ME) directions multiple times without any frustration.  Throw in the fact that she highlighted what needed to be read in the emails she sent out so I could skim past everything else and just focus on the important stuff!  How awesome is that???

I’m thankful for Dominic’s team manager for so many reasons, and it was very cool to hear so many people share that same sentiment today.  Super proud of you Becky, you did a spectacular job and I think I speak for everyone when I say – THANK YOU!!!



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