Dominic’s soccer coach has to leave the team due to a military obligation so Becky decided to throw an impromptu soccer party for him and the boys.  How impromptu?  Like less than three hour notice 🙂  Out of nowhere we were ordering up pizzas and had about a dozen kids and a handful of adults over.

For the next couple of hours there was a lot of fun had by everyone, even some of the parents may have been shooting Nerf guns at each other. 🙂  Between the backyard, playground, basement, treehouse, and living room it was a crazy fast paced great time.

It was pretty much non-stop craziness including Nerf guns and kids running around, but we had a blast!  I think I’m speaking for everyone when I say that I am very thankful for Becky putting this impromptu soccer party together on such short notice.



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