Day 222 – Thankful for a Random Spark of Insight

Sometimes I get this seed of an idea in my brain that just can’t quite grow roots.  Not only does it not blossom, but I can’t quite see it through a bit of a fog.  I know that it’s there, and I know that it needs to grow, but it’s not quite ready.  For seemingly no reason it will appear out of nowhere.  The fog lifts, it grows roots, and blossoms into the thing it is supposed to be.

While this is what a chunk of today has looked like in one way or another between an escape room, some great meals, and playing some cards, it was during a brief stint of alone time that an idea started to fill form.  While driving alone to move to our next location I had the random spark of insight that got the idea rolling.  It lit up the room, burned off the fog and helped reveal the idea to me.  During the drive home tomorrow morning I’ll focus on it and make sure it keeps growing.

How crazy is that?  Spending a weekend with the guys in which we usually avoid serious conversation I had a random spark of insight on a pretty deep idea, and for that I am thankful!



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