Day 220 – Thankful for “I’m In A Hurry” by Alabama

I’m not much of a country fan, but as soon as I hear the opening line my shoulders relax and I smile…  This song is what we sing to each other when life gets chaotic and one of us gets a little too tightly wound (Becky usually sings to me).

If the life of our family ever became a sitcom I’d put that song in as the theme music in the opening.  The opening scene would be a split screen of Becky picking up the boys and running them around while I drive home from work.  As soon as I get home the split screens join, I tag in and Becky tags out.  The screen then splits again as I rush out to pick up the kids and run around while Becky is either studying or getting things done around the house.  Eventually I get home, the screens join up as I sit next to Becky on the couch and we both almost instantly fall asleep.  That pretty much sums it up.

Today I’m thankful for this song.  It helps me keep my sanity and reminds me to breathe and enjoy the craziness…



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