Day 218 – Thankful for Kid’s Cup

Each of us has a charity, a special cause, and organization that we love to help.  Just thinking about it and the impact that it has on others can move us to tears.  We’re passionate about it, will do anything to help it, and know that it makes our world a better place.  Kid’s Cup is one of those causes for me and I’d like to ask your help in supporting it this year.  Donations can be made at:

Every single dollar raised for Kid’s Cup goes straight to the Mayo Clinic Children’s Center and Olmsted Medical Center supporting prenatal and new infant care.  It’s an incredible organization that some of my business partners have built over the past 20+ years.  Over the years it has helped to raise over $1,000,000 to help kids at those two wonderful health care facilities.

I’ve been incredibly blessed to have two very healthy sons and I pray that they continue to be that way.  That said, there are many others who haven’t been so fortunate, it is great to be able to help them through their difficult times.  If you check out the video below be sure to pay attention at the 3:45 mark…  You never know when you may be helping out someone very close to you through this event.

As I started with, I need your help.  I’ve committed to raising at least $1,000 for Kid’s Cup this year and I would greatly appreciate your donation of any amount.  All the dollars go straight to helping the kids, there’s ZERO dollars spend on administration, sponsoring the event, etc…

If you’d be interested in golfing in the event please let me know and I can get you more information.

Today I am incredibly thankful for Kid’s Cup.  It’s an amazing event with an awesome purpose.



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