Over the past few days I’ve continued to giggle unexpectedly as memories of the start of our relationship.  I may have shared the very beginning of it, but, as usual, there’s always more to the story.  As I’ve continued reminiscing it’s been funny to chuckle at the way it all started way back in the day…

As we left our happy couple from the last story (Day 206) I was riding home with my parents (again, very important to point out that I was NOT living with them at that time, I was merely crashing at their house that weekend) and telling them that I was heads and tails in love and had met the girl I was going to marry…  All of which I realized in the span of approximately 12 hours.  She had given me her number and we were set to go on a date the next Friday in La Crosse.  I slept like a champ.

FullSizeRender 27.jpg
After all these years I’m still amazed that I still have this…  And I always chuckle at her drunken scribbling!

I awoke from my slumber just in time to hear girls giggling in the living room as my dad walked into my bedroom.  “Don’t worry Mike, I just told Becky that she was off the hook and you understood that she had her beer goggles on.”  Seriously Dad???  Yup, that’s my dad!

As my brain was trying to comprehend what the hell was going on I remembered that the gift opening was at my parents’ house and everyone, including Becky, was already there.  I quickly showered up and got moving.  Once cleaned up I “just happened” to find a spot right near Becky.  I don’t seem to remember her being too impressed by that 🙂

After the gifts were opened and people were slowly starting to head out I “just happened” to leave exactly the same time Becky did.  Smooth and subtle have never been my strengths!  I loaded my stuff in the car and asked, “So, we’re still on for Friday night?”  Her response was something along the lines of “yes, fine, whatever…” in a very tired voice.  To some that may have been a strong signal to back out of the deal, but in my twisted brain it was like a beautiful song from heaven.  For all that I am sometimes missing in social cues and the art of romance I make up for with persistence.  Our date was set, the rest was history.

Which leads us to our first date…  but it’s getting late and that story will have to wait for a later date…

Not from the first date, but definitely from way early on…

And we lived happily ever after…


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