Day 206 – Thankful for an Awesome Relationship Origin Story

In movies, books, and comics (graphic novels) one of the best ways to develop a character is to have an incredibly awesome origin story for the character.  As the present unfolds you slowly get to learn more about their origin story and things kind of click and make more sense.  The more you learn of it the more you get to know the character and can start to see why they act the way they do, why they value what they do, and see some of the potential faults they may have.  When well done, the origin story really completes the character and helps you see the world through their eyes.  When done poorly, you slowly quit caring about the character or just never get into them in the first place.  An awesome origin story really helps to set the tone of the future.

In just under a week Becky and I will have been married for 15 years.  Maybe it’s that big number starting show up more and more in my brain, but I keep thinking back to the craziness we’ve lived for the close to two decades we’ve known each other.  The universe is somehow conspiring with me on this one as in the past couple of weeks there’ve been more than a couple of comments recently about how we met, how we make it continue to work, and how the hell Becky can put up with me after all of these years!  One comment in particular inspired today’s blog…

“How did you and your wife meet?”  That question always makes me laugh out loud!  It depends on how well I know them and how much detail I think they can handle 😀  Truth is, we have a pretty awesome relationship origin story.  It starts with a wedding, finds one of the protagonists looking across the church and seeing the light of the heavens shining down on a beautiful girl with an amazing smile.  That smile makes them realize in an instant that this is the woman he’ll marry…  At the same time the beautiful girl with an amazing smile is thinking, and I quote, “oh shit…  he likes me…”  The night continues with laughably terrible pick up lines (“you can trust me, I’m an Eagle Scout”) and a lot of Captain Morgan (that sailor was my wingman that night and I’m forever in his debt!), moves on to the girl finally giving her number to him (mainly due to exhaustion and my buddy the rum pirate), and then ends with man riding home with his parents (just to clarify, I wasn’t living with my parents, just staying at their house that night) and explaining to them that he just met the girl he is going to marry….

And they lived happily ever after…


Every time I get asked about how we met or have some reminder that pops up and brings it to the front of my brain all I can do is laugh and smile.  Who ever would’ve thought a story like this would have an origin story like that.  Put a beer or two in me sometime and I’d be happy to share more of the story.  I can guarantee two things after you hear it in its entirety…  You’ll hurt from laughing so hard and you’ll wonder why Becky ever said yes.  If you have daughters, you might even consider teaching them the dangers of drinking too much Captain Morgan at a wedding reception!  I’m thankful to have such an awesome relationship origin story to share.



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