Seriously?  It’s already 8pm on Sunday?  Where did the weekend go???

Isn’t crazy just how quickly time can fly by?  In some cases I get frustrated and wish that I could have more time.  When I really stop and think about it I remember that I should be thankful for the weekends that fly by and just aren’t long enough.  It usually means I did it right, busy, fun, fulfilling, and non-stop.  While I’m feeling exhausted there were usually some pretty cool memories made.

This weekend was no exception.  From the start of my day off on Friday until now it’s been non-stop thrill ride of excitement.  I’m totally exhausted and will crash shortly after writing this.  Since yesterday’s post we’ve hunted Easter eggs, headed home, worked in my workshop with the boys, went grocery shopping, made supper, and no started winding down for the night.

This weekend was non-stop and crazy…   It just wasn’t long enough, but I’m thankful for all of the great moments it brought!





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