Day 149 – Thankful for Seeing Someone I Look Up To

The Express International Leadership Conference (ILC) is an incredible opportunity to learn from many greats in our industry and from exceptional folk from outside of Express.  Today’s speaker was the one I was jacked for from the moment I saw the list of speakers…  Patrick Lencioni.  Having seen him live twice I was PUMPED to see him again and see what new concepts he had up his sleeve, and he again exceeded my expectations.


The content was the usual Lencioni-fare, thought provoking, innovative, yet simple to understand and so obvious once the observation is shared.  That in of itself was worthy of today’s blog, but I’m veering down a different lane today instead.

Several years ago when I first saw Pat live I remember thinking to myself, “if I were a presenter that’s who I want to be.”  His energy level starts high and only goes higher.  He’s polite yet brash.  Confident yet humble.  Shiny syndrome can occasionally get the best of him and he’s okay with that.  By the time it’s over you can just tell that you’ve gotten the full 100% honest Lencioni and several new insights that you can actually understand and use.  Everything that I want to ever be as a speaker is encapsulated in his performance.  And that’s what I am thankful for today, a chance to see someone that I look up to.

Tomorrow I have a couple of presentations that I’m giving and seeing Pat today motivates me to up my game even more and be a better presenter.  Seeing him live helped to renew some of my dreams and I am very thankful for that.



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