Day 136 – Thankful for Outdoor Activities Through Summit Environmental School

Tonight we had a pretty awesome way to wrap up the week, a moonlight hike through the marsh in La Crosse courtesy of Summit Environmental School and WisCorps!  In addition to the hike we had a great story told about how the loon got its white coloring and why the moon goes from new to full and back again each month.  We learned a lot about the giant cottonwood in the middle of the marsh and got to see the results of an awesome photography project in which a picture was taken of the same tree every single day for a year (hmm…  sounds kind of familiar!).  Some snacks and hot chocolate and the event was wrapped up.



The weather was awesome, tons of families were out, and it was an excellent time with Gavin (Dominic was over at a friend’s house).  It was so entertaining to see him interacting with his classmates while we hiked.  His personality was out in full force and all we could do was smile as we listened to the conversation.

Today I’m so thankful that we have a school that focuses on both the outdoors and family events.  Principal Hunter is an incredibly outstanding man, I’m always so impressed with how well he knows EVERY kid and EVERY parent – it’s impressive!  Even more than that, you can just tell that he has a passion and love for watching those kids grow and having a positive impact in their lives.  His smile at events like this lights up the room and all the kids love him.  To have Gavin in a school like this makes me so thankful.

The week is a wrap and it’s on to the weekend, I can’t think of a better way to kick it off!



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