Day 130 – Thankful for a Successful Beta Test

Today I was able to spend some time tuning up the bandsaw and hacking through my first run of making a real puzzle box.  In this case I wasn’t worried about finish and details, I specifically wanted to test out the basic concepts.  Not gonna lie, I was happily surprised with the results!

After this one I moved on to the next level and ended up with a pretty excellent advanced version of this.  Due to time constraints I wasn’t able to get pics of it, but it worked out way better than I expected.

It’s funny how quickly I went from starting to frustrated to actually doing, and it gave me a greater appreciation for just how much of an art there is to doing it right…  I’ve got a very long way to go!  That said, I’m pretty stoked to have been able to make a couple of working beta models today.

Nothing like that feel of creating something, it made my day!



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