Day 118 – Thankful for a Little Extra One On One Time with Dominic

When I got home tonight Dominic and I were the only two Kreilings who hadn’t been sick in the past 12-24 hours.  While Gavin wasn’t able to go to Scouts tonight Dominic said he’d go with to help out with the pack meeting.

As soon as I got home I grabbed Dominic and we were off!  Before Scouts we had to run to Walgreens.  After a short wait we found out that we had gone to the wrong one so we picked up some snacks (Warhead Worms and Hot Tamales!) and drove to the other Walgreens.  From there we headed to Scouts and had fun helping a little bit here and there.  After Scouts we shot over to Home Depot to pick up my new bandsaw and had fun with the crew as they loaded it up in the car for us.  After we got home Gavin and Becky went to bed and the two of us just chilled for a little while.


The activities of the night itself wasn’t overly exciting, but I wouldn’t trade the time with him for anything.  We didn’t get into any deep or serious conversation, we just shot the bull about what we’d done for the day, what he was learning in school, stuff like that.  The little stuff.  The stuff that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Often I try to build something up and make it a crazy plan (see the “Weekend of Pizza” from previous posts).  More often than not I need to remember to appreciate these little pockets of one on one time with him.  I still look back fondly on times like that with parents when I was growing up.  Not everything has to be a huge ordeal or an elaborate plot, sometimes the best things are the most spontaneous and normal moments of our lives.  I really just love spending time with Dominic, it doesn’t matter what we’re doing, it just matters that we are doing it together.


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