Day 112 – Thankful for Driveway Engineering

I got home from work a little early and was able to enjoy a little time outside with the boys while it was still light out.  The weather was pretty warm (anything over 32 in January is warm in my book!) and there was a lot of ice in the driveway to keep breaking up.  So I threw on a sweatshirt and winter boots while still wearing my shorts, and went outside.

While we could have just focused on it and probably got it all removed we decided to have a lot of fun with it instead.  As we were chipping the ice we didn’t like how all the water was pooling in one spot so we decided to build a small drainage system by digging channels into the ice down to the end of the driveway.  

We had so much fun hopping away at the ice, we were smiling the whole time!  All the while we were taking about the science of fluid dynamics and helping them see how to help the water go where it wants to go.  Before we knew it the time came to head inside.

I really appreciate these moments that just seem to happen out of the blue.  I know the boys and I won’t necessarily remember this moment in particular forever, but for this moment I’m incredibly thankful to have taken some time to do some driveway engineering with the boys.



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