Day 109 – Thankful for Active Family Time

No, we didn’t do any crazy feats of strength.  We didn’t run a long distance or bike up a huge bluff.  We didn’t lift weights or anything too difficult.  What we did do was a couple of things as a family that involved being up and moving, and it felt awesome!

To start off the day we hit yoga as a family.  While Gavin split off to the kid’s session, Dominic, Becky & I sweated it out in the hot yoga session.  Afterwards we were all pretty relaxed, chill, and had that nice post exercise glow.

After lunch the four of us took the dogs for a nice hour long walk and enjoyed the feel of being in the sun.  After a couple of weeks of cold and yucky weather it was so peaceful to get some fresh air.  While we walked Gavin slogged through every puddle he could find.  Dominic took Sky and ran with her for a while to help her get the energy out of her system.  It felt awesome!

While we may not have been talking the whole time in either case we were spending time with each other and enjoying and appreciating the activity.  I think all four of us needed to have a day in which we got out and moved around and that’s exactly what we did.  These peaceful days are amongst my favorite…  time with my family and enjoying each other’s company.



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