There was a lot going on today.  Between an early morning drive to EC, working on a couple of projects with tight deadlines, an unexpected twist or two, a long drive home and life it was pretty packed.  Down time was almost non-existent, even the drive time was consumed by thinking through different work related challenges and considering best courses of action.

That being said, today I remembered to breathe.

While driving early this morning I happened to notice the huge orange almost full moon sinking into the bluffs.  It looked huge, was a brilliant orange against the dark blue sky.  I considered stopping but decided to keep driving.  As I went further down the road I kicked myself for not stopping, it was beautiful.  I was glad I at least took time to stop thinking, take it in, enjoy it, and breathe.

About an hour later as I went up a steep hill I happened to glance to my right and saw a deep red sliver of the sun starting to rise out from the distant hills.  Not wanting to regret not stopping I pulled over and got these pictures as the sun came up.  While they don’t capture the true deep red color you can certainly imagine what it looked like floating in the sub-zero air.  In between pictures I paused, took it in, enjoyed it, and took time to breathe.

During the work day there were a couple of times that stress popped its head up and threatened to push buttons and fire off an emotional response.  When that happened I took a second to breathe, clear my head, and then think.  It was amazing the difference in my perspective as I started to work on a solution as opposed to getting frustrated.

On the way home the sun turned a gorgeous deep red and started to set just as I got to the same place I stopped earlier in the day.  I took time to look at it, take it in, and breathe.  Considering stopping, I chose to keep driving rather than stop and almost immediately started to kick myself as it dropped below the horizon.

As I neared the halfway point of the drive I was again driving up a hill and looked to my left.  The huge orange moon had started its ascent in the sea stern sky.  The regret of not stopping for the sunset fresh in my mind I immediately pulled over and got out to take a picture.  In between pictures, in the below freezing air, I took time to take it in, enjoy it, and breathe.  It was even more huge and full and orange than it was in the morning.  Seeing it rise over the farm in the valley was awe inspiring.

So then at home, knowing I have work that needs to be done tonight I had a choice to make.  Watch the boys and Becky at their last night of logrolling and see what all the craziness they were enjoying was all about and know I’d be staying up late to get things done, or stay home, get things done and get a good night of sleep.  I took a deep breath, took it in, and decided to enjoy the moment.

So here I am watching the boys and Becky jump in the pool and run on the log.  It was AWESOME!  The boys were just beaming and having tons of fun rolling solo, rolling against each other, rolling while catching balls, and sprinting across the logs.

While Becky didn’t allow me to take pictures I really wish I would have.  Her smile was absolutely huge, like a kid at Christmas.  While she was rolling not only did way better than she said that she did, but her laugh was so loud, spontaneous and contaigious it reminded me of one of the things I love best about her.  When she is truly laughing there isn’t a person within earshot who can’t help but smile and laugh with her.  It’s a squeal of pure happiness and makes me fall in love with her all over again each time I hear it.  Even as I type this and hear her my smile grows wider.

As I sit here and type and listen to her laughter I just pause…  take it all in…  enjoy it… and breathe…

And that brings me great happiness.



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