Wasn’t it just a couple of days ago that I was thankful for not driving?  Here I am today being thankful for something that happened as a result of driving! 

Leaving La Crosse I saw a pretty spectacular sight starting to appear from my rear view mirror.  As I started to head north it just got better and better.  After enjoying the view for a while while driving I realized I really needed to stop and have a good look at it and get a picture or two (or a dozen!).  How awesome are these colors?

As it drove north and east from Wabasha I saw something that made me jam on the brakes and whip a quick U turn…  a young bald eagle just off the side of the road that had so much white on it that it almost appeared to be an albino.  The funny thing was that it wasn’t until I went to snap the first pic that I noticed just how many eagles were flying around this field!

While the driving does get old at times it is because of moments like this that I am okay doing it as often as I do.  I’m also very thankful for this blog because there are many times in the past when I would have thought I was too busy to stop and wouldn’t have taken time to enjoy the moment like I should, like I did today.



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