Any day that starts with being surrounded by hundreds of dolphins in the Pacific Ocean has to be a pretty epic day, right?  

As we started our boat ride to the Channel Islands we happened across a pod of hundreds of dolphins.  Gavin and I were able to get extremely close and watch them play and dive all around us.  As Gavin put it, “Dolphins literally just became my favorite animal and bumped prairie dogs down to second!”

After we landed on the island we loaded up into our kayaks and were able to paddle in a bunch of sea caves.  It was AWESOME!!!

We unloaded, grabbed a quick bite to eat and then headed up the cliff for a sweet little hike.

From there we headed back to the beach, snuck in a quick family pic, and then loaded back up into the boat and headed back to mainland.

All in all it was a pretty epic day at the Channel Islands, one that none of us will ever forget!



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