Day 22 – Thankful for Apologizing to My Parents

On Sunday we were parking the pontoon in our driveway.  Becky was trying to help me out with where I needed to go with it, but we were communicating in completely different ways and not understanding each other.  I wanted her to be doing one thing and she thought she should be doing it a different way.  As I was finishing up I couldn’t help but laugh as a memory popped back into my head.

I’m still not quite sure what we had on the trailer, but I remember my dad asking me to get out and help direct him in backing up.  What I do remember was that he had a seemingly irrational wave anger suddenly come over him and I couldn’t figure out what he was so frustrated about.  Now, decades later, I understand. 🙂

Ever since the boys arrived it’s been funny to see just how many times something happens  that causes me to suddenly understand what it was that was so frustrating for them in that specific moment.  Most of the time it’s pretty harmless.  Hit in the crotch by the boys, apologize to my dad.  Boys break something in the house, apologize to my mom.  Seems like the boys are ungrateful little bastards (which I type with a smile and in a loving way), apologize to both of them.  It’s crazy to think that funny used to be knocking my dad’s hat off into the lake and mean used to be throwing me in after it.  Now, I see that I may have had it backwards! 😉

While I wouldn’t even know where to start on all of the times I’ve told them that they were right, every time it makes me smile huge and I have fun sharing the story with them.  Being able to consider them such great friends and being able to have complete humility is a fantastic thing.  The fact that they are still around is also a great thing that I am very appreciative of.  I can’t, or don’t want to, imagine a day when I am not able to hop on the phone and share how the boys made their first crack about putting me in a nursing home and then apologize for doing the same!  (Nick, you did sign the papers for Dad, right?)  Every day I can share with them is a blessing and I am very grateful.


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