Day 11 – Thankful for Dominic’s First Job

Due to a flooded field in Madison Dominic’s soccer game was cancelled.  Turns out there were soccer refs needed in La Crosse so Dominic was able to jump in and help out.  Seeing as he is saving up for an iPod he was more than happy to tag in and make a few bucks.

After working four games of U8 players he was still smiling.  It looked like he was having a lot of fun, running with the players, keeping the whistle ready in his mouth, and even standing at the end of the line after the game to give both teams high fives as they ran by!

My mind is still having a tough time wrapping itself around the fact that we have a kid who is old enough to work.  Today is also the 17th anniversary of the first date Becky and I had, kind of wild to think that we’ve gone from a very nervous first date at Chi-Chi’s to having a kid that has a job (even if it was only for one day!).

It makes me think back to my first pay checks (or cash as it probably was) and the feeling of accomplishment for having earned something.  I’m thankful that he’s been able to get that same feeling.  I also hope that he continues to see that working is a great thing, a way to earn money for dreams and to have a sense of accomplishment.



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