Day 8 – Thankful for Day Fading Into Night

Holy buckets today was a great day (as great as it can be on a day when I don’t see my family – just to clarify)!

When I woke up I thought about keeping my eyes open for things to be thankful for and started searching right away.  There were so many things that I was thankful for.  Here’s a short list of today’s options:

  • A great night of sleep
  • My bed at home
  • Waking up to the chaos of my family
  • Hotel breakfasts
  • Starting work early and in a good mood
  • Making progress quickly on a project
  • Hearing songs I haven’t heard in a really long time that make me smile
  • Getting things done and staying focused
  • Enjoying time with my team
  • The way that little things remind me of my friends
  • The success of my teams hitting big goals
  • Spending one on one time with my team members
  • And the list goes on…

But as  I walked out of Target after working late it hit me.  I saw a sky similar to this…


I had totally lucked out and was looking west when it was that magical time of every day when you look one way and it is dark, you look the other ad the day is fading away.  There’s just something about the way the light and the colors look that just take my breath away.  Every time I see it I stop, take a deep breath and just soak it in.  To me it’s one of those moments that I can feel The Big Guy’s hand on my shoulder and hear Him whisper in my ear, “Dude, seriously, enjoy this.  It’s one of my greatest works of art.”

Through my years I’ve seen this countless times.  The landscape below it becomes totally irrelevant.  The colors in the sky, the dark reds and oranges, the dark blues and black just blow my mind every single time.  And while I know I’ve seen them so many times, I also realize that some day when I see it there won’t be a next time.  There will be a last time at some point.  While of course I’m hoping for a very long time out, I never know.  Seeing as I don’t know when the last one will be I’ll continue to soak this moment in every time and appreciate it as if it were the last.



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