Day 6 – Thankful for Taking Quiet Time to Think Each Day

It seems like almost everyday is filled with chaos and noise.  I’m constantly running from one thing to the next and there’s a never ending race to get to the next event or to get the next project done.  Even when I should be relaxing and enjoying silence I usually fill it up with some type of activity that keeps me moving.  I have a vey hard time just enjoying the quiet and thinking.

There is one exception every single day.  At some point in the morning, afternoon, or evening I type my blog.  In order to do that I need to pause, reflect on the day, consider what I am thankful for, and then get my thoughts in order.  Have I been thankful about this before?  Why is this the thing I’m most thankful for today?  How should I write this, funny or serious?  What words will I choose in order to not bore the living crap out of everyone?  When should I write my post?  When will I know this is the right thing to blog about?  As I go through these questions each day it forces my brain to slow down, focus on one task, and think.  It is always more smooth when I have peace and quiet around me when I write so I’m usually somewhere without too much excitement.  Just me and my thoughts, some words and ideas aching to get out.

It’d be awesome to have this type of view every day to sit and think quietly!  

So today I’m thankful for one of the byproducts of this blog that I totally wasn’t expecting.  As a result of writing every single day I need to find, or more appropriately, create time in my schedule to take some time to think.  I love my family, I love the chaos, I love the daily crazy race, but I also really enjoy taking that quiet time to think each day.  It helps keep me balanced out.


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