Day 4 – Thankful for Enjoying the Journey and the Destination (& Becky’s Energy & Enthusiasm)

Our half marathon was today and it went pretty well!  Becky and I had a goal of finishing, there was no expectation of time.  That said, we were pretty pumped with our time!  It might not have been nearly as good as our personal bests, but it felt pretty good.  In previous posts I’ve talked about enjoying the journey, and this was one of the times when I’ve truly enjoyed the journey (training miles with Becky) and the destination (finishing the run).  It feels very rewarding and I’m ready to set a new running goal with Becky in order to start our next journey, but maybe I’ll wait a week and enjoy riding bike instead. 🙂


We took off much faster than we normally would and I could feel it earlier than normal.  As the race continued I started to hurt and wanted to slow down.  Every time I did there was a smiling, happy face asking me “how are you feeling?”  As I wanted to slow down on a hill towards the end I watched a way too excited and happy Becky bouncing up the same hill literally running up it backwards encouraging me to keep going and catch up!  It was crazy!!!  She was pried and ready to go and wasn’t going to be stopped by anything.  She also wasn’t going to let me get stopped by anything, and I appreciate that.  It was a pretty cool reversal of roles from about 7 years ago when we ran our first half marathon together and was the upbeat happy one with too much energy.  While at times her energy and happiness drove me nuts, but I totally appreciate it and am thankful for it.  Had it not been for her crazy positive attitude I wouldn’t have made it nearly as quickly as we did.  That’s one of the things I have really loved about our relationship, we seem to do a great job of being able to help balance each other out.  When one is down the other is up and helps get them into the same mindset.

While I may be kind of a hurting unit with stiff legs now, it was an excellent run.  The destination lived up to the journey.  My wife amazed me yet again with her incredible energy and enthusiasm.  It has been a pretty awesome day already and it’s not even close to done.


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