Day 1 – Thankful for Being Overwhelmed with Birthday Wishes

I jumped right into my day and was getting a lot accomplished.  Moving from one task to the next I was in the zone and making progress on a couple of projects.  At one point in the afternoon I made an epic mistake…  I gave into temptation, turned on my phone, and saw that I had 60+ birthday wishes!  Holy crap, are you kidding me?  Deciding to take a couple of minutes to take a break from work and to start going through them I thought I would be through them all in just a couple of minutes.

Next thing I knew I was reading the wishes and had awesome memories of each person pop into my head as I clicked Like and said thank you.  In some cases they posted pictures, sometimes it was a simple birthday wish, in others there was a nice little message.  As I read each of them I could help but smile and be thankful for each person who posted.  Reading their posts triggered my brain to think about them and remember good times we’ve had.

Between the texts, the calls, the emails, and the Facebook posts it has been nothing short of overwhelming.  Even if the person who sent it only thought for a second or two before posting or sending, how cool is it that they appreciate me enough to do that?  It’s pretty awesome that having a birthday triggers that thought process and appreciation.  Knowing that there are so many people out there who care is a wonderful thing.

As I finally got caught up in my responses to everyone I saw that more had come in.  When I went to respond I saw that they had actually posted about 17 minutes earlier…  I had spend that long sending replies, remembering fun, and typing responses!  Good thing I started early and had been very productive before then.  I am very thankful for the feeling of being overwhelmed with birthday wishes.

As I was running this morning I was sure this post was going to be about turning 40, feeling different or the same as yesterday, or something along those lines.  Instead today got me going down a completely different path.  If it feels so good to know that people care about me and think of me occasionally, why don’t I proactively reach out and do that more often?  It kind of ties to something I’ve learned from the first year of blogging, when you take 20-45 minutes to type up why you appreciate someone and share it publicly with their friends and family it feels amazing…  And that’s as the person writing it, let alone the person it is about.  While I will of course keep this blog focused on being thankful, maybe being thankful for specific people is something I should focus on more often.  There are so many times that I’ve thought about writing about many others but haven’t.  Today reminds me that maybe I should.

Well, time to get cruising, I have some more birthday wishes to respond to!  Thank you again for all of the well wishes today.  If this is 40, I’m pretty cool with it!


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