Day 1,998 – Thankful for Meditative Runs, a Fitting Frankl Quote, and Being Used by Purpose

After the late night drive home from Wausau on Tuesday night I had a run to catch up for this morning. Becky was lifting so I was off for a solo run in the early hours of the morning. I put on my headphones, turned on some relatively chill music, and went off at my own pace. Within a block I caught myself drifting into a deeply meditative state while rambling along on my run. My miles were complete before I knew it and I felt an awesomely odd combination of rested and energized. Runs like this help me understand the “marathon monks,” the monks who meditate while running well over 20 miles each day. Once I was locked in seemed to pass by at an otherworldy pace. What a way to start the day!

At one point in the day I happened across a quote from Viktor Frankl as I wrapped up a presentation I’ve been working on.

This quote got a smile out of me. The presentation I’ve been working on is outside the normal staffing presentations I’ve done so often. This one is an eighteen minute TED-style talk about the importance of minding the GAP – Growth, Appreciation, & Presence – in order to live a life with no regrets. It is the purpose I found through the suffering of losing Dad almost five years ago. So fitting that it found its way into my presentation.

The past several books I’ve read (outside of 1984 & Permanent Record) have all leaned towards something I’ve always known but am just now starting to understand. As I see the connections and intersections of the concepts my view of my business purpose seems to be gathering momentum and rolling down the right track. In a meeting with teammates today it just spilled out of me in a steady stream… and felt amazing! Tribal Leadership talked about someone who commented that when you find the right purpose it works through you at a very different level than when you attempt to work on it. This afternoon I felt a brief glimpse of the difference they were talking about. Simply amazing. So excited to see where this continues to grow!


Day 1,969 – Thankful for a Well Stocked Tool Belt and Many Hours of Practice

I am continually reminded of the power of intentionality. By taking time to figure out what I really want in life I’ve been very blessed to see so many opportunities to live into my dreams and goals. Whether it is just my mind seeing more of what I want to look for or if there are truly more opportunities I really don’t know and I don’t really care which is right. Life is better when I spend time focused on what I would really like to focus on and accomplish.

Recently I was selected to give a keynote address at a conference I’d applied to. The funny thing is that I actually put in two applications. The first was with my business owner hat on, focused on recruiting, retention, and the importance of communication between leadership levels during a workforce shortage. I was positive this would be the one selected, it fits the theme of the event and is right in my normal wheelhouse. The second was a bit of a flier. Living into one of my goals for the year I went out on a limb and took a risk. It was something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time but I was nervous about being rejected, I felt very vulnerable. It was on a different topic I am very passionate about, one that I’ve worked on, and one I’ve written about often.

I only convinced myself to do it by convincing myself that it would be okay because the work based proposal would be the only one to be selected. LOL – and now look at how the tables have turned!

While that was fantastic news there’s something I’m much more thankful for today.

After finding out I was selected yesterday I panicked for exactly one breath and immediately moved into confidence. After the initial shock passed over I went into creative mode. I smiled and knew I would be successful in this.

I went back to my tool belt and selected the resources I would nee to start building. There were a couple of books I remembered reading which would help me out. I reached out to a mentor right away to give her a heads up of what was on the horizon. I started jotting notes to myself. I dug into my manuscript and old blogs and started pulling material forward.

Each of these tools were available so readily as I’d worked on preparing them long before they were needed. All the books I’ve read, the coaching I’ve received, the writing I’ve done – they all were at the ready. My confidence soared as I realized I had everything I need to be successful.

Additionally, my confidence was growing stronger as I have practiced for this many, many times. I’ve put in so many reps, so many hours. Between trainings, speeches, meetings, and the like I’ve honed my craft for hours and hours. All that practice will come in to help spring me forward into this project. Without all those hours and all that practice I would have so much further to go, so much more work to do.

In many ways it is the confidence I’ve felt when running a marathon. I’ve put my practice miles in and now it is time to perform. Knowing I’ve put in the work needed to get to the starting line helps my mind see that this is doable, a project I’m excited to dive into.

I am so thankful for prepping my tool belt early, for putting in the hours. Time to put them all to work to create something awesome!