Thank you for taking the time to review some of my previous speaking videos.  The videos below are samples from some of my work related presentations.

The talk I would like to give is focused on the incredible amount of happiness that is generated by taking 10 minutes a day to be thankful for the things we have all around us.  I’ve already started putting together much of the presentation.  If you’d like to see a sneak peak to help you make your decision I’d be happy to record a rough draft for your review.

This is a training presentation that I did for Express Employment Professionals in 2015.  It was a training for franchisees on how to conduct meaningful weekly meetings with their team members.  My apologies, but it is audio only.

The next video was at an Economic Development Committee meeting in early 2015.  This was the first time presenting this idea in public.  If you also watch the last video you’ll see some of the similarities and see how the ideas really developed over time.

Seeing as you’re probably tired of seeing workforce related videos by now, here’s something fun from a family trip to Disney…

The following is a webcast I did for 20+ Express franchisees on the topic of improving job openings.

This last video is a full length presentation I did in Menomonie for clients and prospects in late 2015.  It is a little over an hour, no worries if you don’t watch the whole thing!


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