Thankful for Pausing to Think, Reminders to Pause to Think, and Reactions Reminding Me to Pause and Think (See a Pattern? 😉)

Day 2,208


When looking at each project I need to pause and think. Is it really something I should delegate to someone with the right strengths rather than doing it myself? Will this drain me but energize someone else? Does this directly lead to living my purpose? Today has shown me examples of each… and I was only right 33% of the time. Room to grow!


My first reaction is to take action. The right action is almost always to pause, breathe, think, and then react. Today I had many reminders of how important it is to pause. Thank you to all who were patient with me and all who helped me see where I can improve!


Sometimes presence comes at times when I don’t want it but when I desperately needed it. I was very much aware of just how frustrated I was at a specific moment and of how incorrect my actions were. I didn’t breathe, I reacted and was keenly aware of it.

As I reflected on it afterward the clarity of my presence helped me learn from where I’d find wrong and helped me apologize. It would have been more comfortable to have been on autopilot and be numb, but presence and awareness were much appreciated in that moment.


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