Day 786 – Thankful for a Thanksgiving at Home with My Family

It’s been a while since I’ve been home with the family for Thanksgiving. I hadn’t really thought about it, but the past few years have included a trip to New Zealand, staying home to remodel a bathroom with Dad while Becky and the boys were up north, and a trip up north. As we went about our day I just kept thinking about how much I appreciate the time with the family and being home.

As far as holidays go this is one of my favs, but you probably figured that out already 😉. A entire day that is focused specifically on gratitude is one that I can get behind. There were many moments when I was thinking about all I am thankful for. It’s funny, even though I blog about being thankful each day it feels so great to focus on all the ways my life has been blessed. My heart has been full of joy all day.

This morning we did the Turkey Trot as a family and had a great time getting some exercise in early. Dominic ran so fast that we didn’t even attempt to keep up. Gavin did an excellent job of running his first five mile race. There were smiles, laughs, heavy breathing, some life lessons, and great times shared as we made some fun memories together (& each earned our personal pumpkin pies at the end).

As the day unfolded we did one of our family traditions and also spent time chilling in the house. Gavin helped Becky cook and bake while I got some work done and relaxed. Later in the afternoon we took the girls for a walk and had a wonderful time outside while the sun was out. Dominic helped me paint the workshop and we had some good bonding time just the two of us. Throw in a huge and delicious Thanksgiving meal including taking time as a family to pray and say what we’re each grateful for. Now we’re on the couch watching a movie as a family and it’s been a great day!

It’s been a fantastic change of pace compared to the past years, I’m so thankful for having this day to share with my family at home. My heart is full and I’ll fall asleep with a huge smile on my face.


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