Day 784 – Thankful for an Excellent 2019 Planning Session with Nicole Kauphusman

Isn’t the power of attitude amazing? The way I choose to see something really shapes the rest of the experience and how things unfold. In past years I’ve seen our annual planning session as an opportunity to show of my ideas and presentation skills. It was a time for me to show everyone just how awesome I thought I was and how mind blowing I thought my ideas were. I’d dream up huge things and ideas all by myself and use the opportunity to share them as an outlet to prove my worth to myself. When there was rejection or disagreement with and idea I had I’d get frustrated, nervous, salty, and angry. What a pompous and arrogant moron I was! How many times did I have an audience of peers and experts who could’ve helped a ton and saved me from myself had I only listened and asked for help instead of just presenting my ideas.

Fortunately I’ve got a great mentor who’s worked with me on this for several years. I’ve still got a ways to go, but it’s getting much better year after year. I’m eternally thankful for the patience he has had with growing me.

While there’s been continuous improvement over the past few years it feels different in a very positive way this year. Choosing an attitude of a growth mindset has helped me stay open to seeing this as a learning session. With that in mind if already pointed out several faults in my own plans and will be asking for help on how to fix them. I’m also excited to find the flaws I’ve missed that could make all the difference. That said, there’s more to it than just an attitude shift.

This year as we prep for 2019 I had the opportunity to spend most of the day with Nicole. There’s something about working with her that seems to bring out my best. As we walked through all of our possible solutions we were very open, called each other’s ideas out, pushed each other, challenged our thoughts, and talked each other into seeing other perspectives. Not only that, but we did it with a smile! Working together we were able to put together even better ideas than either of us would have had on our own. We both added and edited the strategy until it was truly a mix that was our’s. Even cooler was that we’ve been pulling thoughts and ideas from our teams over the past few months to help us so it’s actually a joint effort of ALL of my teammates. While we’re very pumped to share our ideas we’re even more excited to see how our cohorts help us to improve the strategy for 2019. Were stoked to get their feedback and find more ways to be successful in 2019.

As if the planning itself wasn’t enough fun it was fantastic to be able to walk through the “why” behind our thoughts, often sharing our values and past experiences. We talked about family, work, faith, teams, and everything in between. It was an awesome opportunity to get to know each other better and see our staffing world through someone else’s eyes. I’m thankful for the time that we had to bond and continue to calibrate. It already seems like we’ve worked together for more than the short years that it’s been.

Between a choosing a better attitude and working with a wonderful teammate and friend planning for 2019 has already been an incredibly positive experience. I’m so grateful for my past failures that have led me to this point, a wonderful mentor with the patience of a saint, and a fantastic teammate.


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