Man did we get lucky today!  The part of Mount Rainier National Park that we planned on going to today just opened this morning.  What are the odds that it opened up in the day we wanted to go, and we had no idea that was the case???

Wait a minute…  what did you think I meant by the title of today?  Get your mind out of the gutter! 😂

Taking in the sights of Mount Rainier from a spot that literally just opened today is just the start of the luck I’m talking about today.  

As I type this we’re chilling at the pool in our hotel, the boys are splashing around and Becky’s reading a book for fun.

How lucky am I to have a great family, great boys, an awesome wife, and have the ability to go on vacation with them?  How lucky am I to have already checked 21 National Parks off of the list of 59 with another to be covered tomorrow?  How lucky am I to have a best friend and wife who loves the outdoors as much or more than I do?  How lucky are we to have a couple of boys who love hiking, exploring, and picking up bugs (& letting them crawl up their arms)?

How lucky am I to have parents who helped me understand just how awesome vacations can be and get me hooked at an early age?  How lucky am I to have had an early experience in the mountains that has endured and grown each passing year?  How lucky am I to have parents and in laws who love me?

The road opening today was just the start of getting lucky today.  Once that uncorked it’s been a steady flow of observations of things that I’m lucky to have.  



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